A-20 Havoc in action No 144 by Jim Mesko, Joe Sewell, Don Greer

By Jim Mesko, Joe Sewell, Don Greer

Constructed out of the DB-7 sequence of sunshine bombers. A-20s, Havocs & DB-7s observed motion in virtually each significant theatre of operation in the course of WWII. Used as a mild bomber, flooring strafer & nightfighter. Over a hundred pictures, forty element drawings, three pages of scale drawings, thirteen colour work, 50 pages.

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B) Pitting corrosion on the component; local absence of Ag coating is evident. 5 Wear-Related Failures Material degradation due to mechanical damage is known as wear. Wear is a progressive phenomenon and failures due to wear are generally encountered in the last quarter of the component life. As the material removal under conditions of wear is uniform and damage accumulation is progressive, wear failures are generally predictable. However, if wear damage triggers other modes of failures, catastrophic failures are encountered.

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