A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by R. David, Anthony E. David

By R. David, Anthony E. David

Vital historic and cultural figures in addition to a few recognized participants in Egypt's lengthy historical past (c 3100 BC - c advert six hundred) are integrated during this paintings of reference. Rulers and participants in their households, major figures and critical foreigners with whom the Egyptians got here into touch are all integrated. The entries are in keeping with unique resource fabric and there are bibliographies for every access.

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The king, as the god’s sole earthly representative, became virtually interchangeable with the Aten and communed with him every day. 3 robin-bobin AKHENATEN It is difficult to determine the extent to which these ideas were innovative and revolutionary; they were at least partly a restatement of an earlier belief in a supreme deity which had been represented by the gods Re or Amun. Also, in addition to personal religious motives, Akhenaten was probably prompted by political pressures to try to curb the over-reaching powers of the priests of Amen-Re, by advancing the cult of the Aten.

Ankhesenamun’s position as the royal heiress was probably vital in securing *Ay’s claim to the throne. It was probably his influence which had encouraged *Tutankhamun to begin the restoration of the traditional gods and their monuments. According to one modern theory, *Ay may have been the father of *Queen Nefertiti and therefore, the grandfather of Ankhesenamun. Nothing more is heard of Ankhesenamun; if she did marry *Ay and bestow the throne on him, he chose not to include her in the scenes in his own tomb, where he is shown with his first wife, Tey.

Ammenemes II King 1929–1895 BC. By the time that Ammenemes II (son of *Sesostris I) had become king, the Twelfth Dynasty had overcome its initial insecurity and was well-established. Following the concept introduced by *Ammenemes I, *Sesostris I had associated Ammenemes II with him as co-regent; during this period the latter had pursued a non-military campaign to *Nubia. There is not a great amount of evidence available about his reign, although it is known that he continued to make agricultural and economic improvements, to support mining and quarrying projects, and to trade with Punt (in Year 28 of his reign, a stela records an expedition to the land of the *Puntites).

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