A Dictionary Of Sindhi Literature by Motilal Jotwani

By Motilal Jotwani

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Serialised in the Saraswati in 1905-6 and brought out in book form in 1 909, it portrays two young friends Moti and Hiro and exooses many a superstition of the day, including the 34 DICTIONARY one indicated in the title of the novel that it is an ill omen to view the moon on the Chalurthi, or the fourth day, of the Bhadra month. It is marked by an ornate and florid style, characteristic of the author. ). Chothon Kitaab (1853), a textbook for the class IV students of primary schools; prepared by Prabhudas Anandram.

His works are not received with as much acclaim. ). of the times between Gautam Buddha Bhaarat Chhad'e Vanjo Halchal (1992), a tr. )ofQuitlndiaMove­ ment Bhaaratvarsh (1965), a cultural history published as the Golden Ju­ billee publication by National Book Trust, India. and the Emperor Harsha. ), it is a se­ . quel to his earlier work Aaryavrata. "Bhaau-Abhaau", a well-known short story by Param Abichandani from his collection of short stories of the same Bhaaratjaa Bhag'at (1981), a collec­ tion of 1 13 life- sketches of saints and title (1991).

Portrays a mor­ ally corrupt school -teacher and deals with child psycholo� and educational matters. ). ). It presents characters in tlieir psychological con­ · tours, bringing out their inner con­ flicts. ); compile

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