A Grammar of Mandarin by Jeroen Wiedenhof

By Jeroen Wiedenhof

A desirable description of a world language, A Grammar of Mandarin combines large views with illuminating intensity. filled with examples from daily conversations, it goals to permit the language communicate for itself. The ebook opens with an summary of the language state of affairs and a radical account of Mandarin speech sounds. 9 middle chapters discover syntactic, morphological and lexical dimensions. a last bankruptcy strains the chinese language personality script from oracle-bone inscriptions to today’s electronic pens.
This paintings will cater to language beginners and linguistic experts alike. effortless reference is supplied through greater than 80 tables, figures, appendices, and a thesaurus. the most textual content is enriched via sections in finer print, supplying extra research and mirrored image. instance sentences are absolutely glossed, translated, and defined from different angles, with a willing eye for contemporary linguistic switch. This grammar, in brief, finds a Mandarin language in complete swing.

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E. at the end of a clause or sentence. In other contexts, the third tone behaves as follows. 6), the third tone is pronounced as a low falling tone, 21 (half-low to low) in terms of pitch levels. This variant is sometimes called HALF THIRD TONE. When the following tone is a second tone, the onset of this second tone is lowered to match the end of the third tone; in other words, the second tone is then realized with a steep rising pitch 15 (low to high). e. with a rising pitch 35 (middle to high).

The interval between highest and lowest pitch frequencies in regular speech, may vary substantially across languages. For Mandarin, Chao’s fvepoint scale represents roughly one whole musical tone for each of the four intervals. De pending on their mother tongue, second-language learners may have to adjust habitual voice ranges when speaking Mandarin. In singing Mandarin songs, tonal distinctions are dropped altogether. 2, the horizontal axis represents the time scale. Mandarin tones vary in length; the vertical line on the right indicates average duration.

Simon’s (1947) dictionary and Chao’s (1968) grammar. Apart from the internationally well-known systems, there exist many local conventions for the transcription of Mandarin matching diferent languages, scripts and disciplines (Wiedenhof 2005). Some currently popular transcription systems for Mandarin are compared in Appendix D. 2 Tone Mandarin is a TONE LANGUAGE , a language which uses pitch just like other speech sounds to distinguish meaning. English may express distinct meanings by changing a consonant, as in bitter and fitter, or by swapping vowels, as in bitter and butter.

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