A Grammar of Teiwa by Marian Klamer

By Marian Klamer

Teiwa is a non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language spoken at the island of Pantar, in japanese Indonesia, situated simply north of Timor island. It has approx. 4,000 audio system and is very endangered. whereas the non-Austronesian languages of the Alor-Pantar archipelago are in actual fact on the topic of one another, as indicated by way of the numerous obvious cognates and the very comparable pronominal paradigms stumbled on around the team, their genetic dating to different Papuan languages continues to be debatable. situated a few 1,000 km from their putative Papuan pals at the New Guinea mainland, the Alor-Pantar languages are the main far-off westerly Papuan outliers. A grammar of Teiwa offers a grammatical description of 1 of those 'outlier' languages. The e-book is dependent as a reference grammar: after a normal advent at the language, it audio system and the linguistic scenario on Alor and Pantar, the grammar builds up from an outline of the language's phonology and notice sessions to its greater grammatical components and their mutual family: nominal words, serial verb structures, clauses, clause combos, and knowledge constitution. whereas many Papuan languages are morphologically advanced, Teiwa is sort of analytic: it has just one paradigm of item marking prefixes, and one verbal suffix marking realis prestige. different typologically fascinating positive factors of the language contain: (i) the presence of uvular fricatives and prevents, that is unusual for languages of japanese Indonesia; (ii) the absence of trivalent verbs: transitive verbs decide on a unmarried (animate or inanimate) item, whereas the extra player is expressed with a separate predicate; and (iii) the absence of morpho-syntactically encoded embedded clauses. A grammar of Teiwa is predicated on fundamental box facts, amassed by means of the writer in 2003-2007. a range of glossed and translated Teiwa texts of assorted style

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Another route they followed was east of Alor. As Pantar and Alor are geographically located between Larantuka and Dili, two settlements established by the Portuguese in the 16th century, it is no surprise to find some Portuguese missionary activities in Alor beginning in 1561. While the Portuguese made some ‘treaties’22 with local rulers, their influence remained limited to some coastal regions in Pantar and the western part of Alor. Some fifty black Portuguese soldiers (originating from Africa) travelled from Larantuka in East Flores and landed on Pantar in 1717 and build a settlement and a church in Pandai (Coolhaas 1979:297, Rodemeier 2006:78).

Kai, M. Wa’ang, Y. Wa’ang, B. Titing F. Titing P. Kai A. Pering S. Pering S. Pering P. Kai A. Sir F. Titing Additional utterances religious song Our eldest brother Jesus Minimal pairs fable Monkey and Goat Locative expressions A. Sir elicited words 226-item extended Swadesh list Selection of the Holle word lists41 Frog Story42 F. 1. The Teiwa Corpus 2003, 2004, 2007 2003, 2004, 2007 08-08-2004 08-08-2004 08-08-2004 18-07-2003 04-07-2003 04-07-2003 04-07-2003 04-07-2003 04-07-2003 04-07-2003 04-06-2003 23-06-2003 23-06-2003 13-06-2003 04-06-2003 13-06-2003 Date of Recording Kalabahi & Madar Kalabahi & Madar Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Kalabahi, Alor Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Madar, Pantar Kalabahi, Alor Kalabahi, Alor Kalabahi, Alor Kalabahi, Alor Kalabahi, Alor Kalabahi, Alor Place of Recording 1,312 items 628 records 4 lines 30 lines 8 lines 11:24 4:44 10:58 6:17 9:53 9:07 7:36 10:56 2:01 7:37 13:18 22:34 Length (hh:mm) No.

These children consider each other as brothers and sisters and are not allowed to marry each other. The offspring of ego’s brother however, are referred to as na-rat (emaq) (daughter) and na’ii (son), and as these children belong to another clan they are the potential wives and husbands of ego’s children — in fact, they are considered the perfect choice for a spouse. 6. Anthropological notes 17 Marriage is patrilocal; women marry into the clan of their husband. In marriage, the groom’s dowry is called go’oi paxal (the literal meaning of this expression is unknown).

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