A New View of Economic Growth (Clarendon Paperbacks) by Maurice FitzGerald Scott

By Maurice FitzGerald Scott

Conventional fiscal theories clarify the extent and development of output through 3 major variables: employment, the capital inventory, and technical development. This ebook provides an immense new thought of financial development and is the reason alterations in output over a given interval and makes use of in simple terms employment progress and expense of funding because the major explanatory variables. the writer additionally demonstrates how this idea can be utilized to provide an explanation for why development premiums range among varied nations and sessions, and why stocks of wages and gains fluctuate.

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The definitions are chosen, not because they have straightforward implications of this kind, but because they form a logically coherent set of concepts with which it is useful and interesting to analyse economic growth. It is with reference to that purpose that they must be judged. 2 Consumption No attempt is made in this book to provide a discussion of the meaning of consumption, or of how it should be measured. This is a very big gap, and I am well aware that the accusation of sloppiness which has just been hurled at my fellow-economists can, at this point, fairly be returned.

Two other possibilities may be noted. A firm may incur ‘capital’ selling costs which shift the demand curve for its products to the right, and in that case a higher rate of investment can result in a faster rate of growth in demand. Secondly, since the rate of growth of a firm's supply depends on the price level of its output, the same may be true of the rate of growth of demand, because a lower or higher price will reduce or increase the rate of growth of supply by the firm's competitors. 9. So far, the firm has been assumed to be entirely self-financed.

1 Introduction What is a theory of economic growth about? Presumably, about the growth of real output or income, but what are they? I do not know any standard theoretical exposition of growth theory which provides a carefully discussed answer to this question. It seems to be generally assumed that the literature on the measurement and definition of national income provides us with concepts that are sufficiently well defined. We can then launch straight off into our analysis with meanings of income, output, investment, depreciation, maintenance, capital, wealth, labour, and land which everyone knows and which are adequate.

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