A World Of Animals Vol. 2 by Ana Bernabe

By Ana Bernabe

Should you LOVE books with cats and canine to color, you are going to love this one.
Really lovely and all have cats and canine in lovable assorted scenes.

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He turned. A figure was materializing under the overhang. It was not very formidable—certainly nothing so ominous, so awe-inspiring as its voice had suggested. Also, it was very beautiful. It looked like a boy of perhaps eighteen. "You're a Metron," Kirk said listlessly. "True," said the figure. " Kirk said, not much interested. " "No. We had no preconceptions as to which of you would win. " "That was different," Kirk said. " "Perhaps it was. It is a new thought. " "We said that the ship of the loser of this personal combat would be destroyed," said the Metron.

The concussion knocked Kirk down; the semicave was filled with acrid smoke. He groped to his feet again. As the smoke cleared, he saw the Gorn, slumped against the other wall of the gully. The diamond egg had smashed its right shoulder; but it was bleeding from half a dozen other places too, where diamond chips had flown out of the cannon instead of igniting. The knife lay between them. Leaping forward, Kirk snatched it up, hurled himself on the downed alien. The knife's point found one of the wounds.

No," he said. "We're in the same pickle. You're trying to save your ship, the same as I am. " Suddenly furious, Kirk looked up at the greenish, overcast sky. " he shouted. "I won't kill him! " There was a long pause. Kirk stared down at the wounded alien; the Gorn stared back. Its translator had been shattered by the impact; it could not know what Kirk had said. But it did not seem to be afraid. Then it vanished. Kirk sat down, dejected and suddenly, utterly weary. Right or wrong, he had lost his opportunity now.

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