Abraham's Bosom by Basil King

By Basil King

...Berkeley Noone, troubled with the incurable Hutchinson's sickness, has approved the truth that he needs to die. part eagerly, part anxiously he waits for loss of life, in simple terms to event no demise; as a substitute, come to a translation right into a larger, fuller type of existence, within which new values sunrise, and into wich there seems to be a brand new radiant imaginative and prescient of God...Abraham's Bosom is a gorgeous and comforting little philosophy of religion and should be extra convincing to many readers than a few summary treatises at the topic.

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But she had married an agnostic professor in a Western state university, where, owing to the necessity of doing her own housework, she had given up her music, while in submission to her husband's teaching she refused to let her children be baptized. The twins, Herbert and Philip, were in modern phases of business, the one selling agricultural implements in Texas, the other automobiles in Detroit. There was nothing a father could complain of in this. Berkeley Noone would not have so much as sighed if it hadn't been for his hopes.

Cut off in his prime were the words he used. He had never been more vigorous than in the past few years--except for those occasional spasms that latterly had come and gone, and left him troubled and wondering. They had not, however, interfered with his work, seeing that he had preached and lectured and visited his parishioners and written books as usual. Moreover, he had fulfilled his duties with a power and an authority for which no younger man would have had the experience. For another ten years, he had been reckoning, he could go on at the same pace; and now the ten years were not coming!

It gave him a sense of relief that might even be called physical. He noticed, all at once, that his pain was gone. That, of course, was illusion, too--probably no more than the end of his power to feel; but the iron claws that Hutchinson's disease had dug into his flesh had loosened their grip. He was breathing easily for the first time in months. Had he not known that he couldn't really be better, he would have been tempted to say he was well. He would have been able to get up; only that it was so delicious to lie there seemingly free--he reminded himself that it could be no more than seemingly free--from torture, and with his mental burdens gone.

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