Acquisition and performance of sports skills by Terry McMorris

By Terry McMorris

An intensive replace of a profitable textbook on ability acquisition for recreation scholars. Praised for its readability of writing sort and presentation the recent variation may be a necessary purchase for these desiring a pragmatic, sport-focused advent to the idea and alertness of human motor abilities.

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Iv) Simple branched alveolar (acinar) glands duct single and unbranched, secretory units branched and sac-like. Example: sebaceous glands (Note: sebaceous glands are unusual in that the cells lining the alveoli (acini) are stratified and secrete by the holocrine mode) . ANDS SIn1>Ie branched alveolar Fig. 3. Types of simple glands b) Compound glands the duct so that characterized by branching of a ductal system with increasing 39 smaller diameters i~ present. The secretory units are also multiple and may be all tubular or a mixture of tubular and alveolar.

4) Trabecular endosteal the'medullary cavity. adjacent to trabeculae within Increase in diameter of bone is largely dependent on the addition of osseous tissue at the periosteal surfaces. The other surfaces are important in bone modeling to meet the changing 57 demands and stresses that a bone organ encounters during its vital period. Increase in length is depends on endochondral growth which occurs at the epiphyseal-metaphyseal complex of long bones. It is dependent upon the presence and proper function of the epiphyseal growth plate.

The basal portion of the striate border. D. Desmosomes. E. None of the above. 11) The force-generating enzyme of a cilium is known as: A. Tubulin. B. Desmin. C. Myosin. D. Transmutin. E. Dynein. lysosomes are likely to be 26 12) Which of the following structures is greatest in length? A. Microvillus. B. Stereocilium. C. Cilium. D. Flagellum. E. Mitochondrion. 13) Centrioles are replicated in: A. The G1 phase. B. Prophase. C. The nucleolus. D. Anaphase. E. The G2 phase. 14) Which of the following can NOT be observed directly with the light microscope?

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