Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response by A. W. Babister (Auth.)

By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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W w w is due to the downwash lag at the tailplane. There is also a small contribution from the wing, which can be of special importance for tailless aircraft. In estimating the downwash at the tail, we can assume (without loss of accuracy) that the lift forces generated by the wing and tail at any time are those due to the instantaneous incidences of these surfaces. e. at time t-l^/V, when (by Taylor series expansion) the wing incidence was for small incidence we can write Now, from Eqs. 9), to the first order of small quantities, with wind axes.

The two groups of equations can thus be solved independently, provided disturbances are small. 20 Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response AXIS SYSTEMS USED IN STABILITY ANALYSIS We are still free to fix the direction of Ox in the initial steady flight. Two systems of body axes are in common u s e , (i) wind axes (sometimes called stability axes or aerodynamic-body axes) and (ii) principal axes. If, in the initial steady flight, we take Ox to coincide with the undisturbed direction of motion of the aircraft, our axes are called wind axes (the axes are, of course, fixed in the aircraft and Ox will not, in general, coincide with the direction of motion of 0 in the disturbed m o t i o n ) .

14), no allowance has been made for the sidewash due to fuselage. The cross flow round the fuselage (illustrated in F i g s . 4) will alter the incidence at the fin, the effect varying with the wing incidence. In addition a body vortex system may be generated by the fuselage, which in turn will induce lateral velocity components at the fin. The effect of sidewash is analogous to that of downwash in the longitudinal flow (but it is generally much less i m p o r t a n t ) . Yawing moment derivative due to sideslip N v= N /\p V Sb v ee This is one of the most important of the yawing moment derivatives.

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